Peoples State Bank wants to help protect you from cyber thieves with some helpful advice.  


Your Devices 

  • Make sure your antivirus, security software, web browser, and operating system are all up to date. 
  • Protect all devices that are connected to the interest such as smart phones, gaming systems, tablets, and other enabled devices. 
  • Use your antivirus and security software often to scan your devices and check for viruses and malware. 

Your Information 

  • Create strong passwords by using separate passwords for every account. Combine capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create strong passwords. 
  • Keep your list of passwords stored in a secure place away from your devices. 
  • Never save your personal information within your computer. Set the settings to a secure level for information sharing. 

Be Cautious

  • If any link looks suspicious in a email, text, post, or advertising, delete it. You can also report it as junk mail if necessary. 
  • Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi. Use a hotspot or wait to connect until you get an opportunity for private Wi-Fi. 
  • Make sure the sites you visit are secure. Look for web addresses that include “https://” , so you know the website took extra steps to ensure your information is secure. 

Using these tools can keep you and your family safe online and reduce the risk of cybercrime. Always remember to keep up to date with new ways to stay safe. 

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