Debit Cards

In the event of a lost or stolen debit card, immediately call 800-472-3272 (toll free) to report the card lost or stolen. To request a new card, please call the bank during normal business hours.

To prevent fraudulent activity from occurring, keep a careful eye on your account using online banking, then immediately report any unauthorized transactions (800-252-3137).

***Peoples State Bank recently underwent a card BIN attack. The BIN, or Bank Identification Number is the first 6 digits of a card number that uniquely identifies the institution issuing the card.  A BIN attack involves using a known BIN number, and systematically generating and testing with small amounts to remain undetected. Multiple financial institutions undergo BIN attacks throught the year.  Our fraud department was able to immediately detect these prior to any transaction being processed.

To help monitor your debit card activity, we urge you to download Card Valet from the app store if you have not already done so, as this product will notify you of all card activity and give you the ability to turn your debit card off and on with the touch of a button.

We value you as our customer and will continue to protect your personal information and financial well- being.